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Traditional Training

Traditional Values

Class Schedule

Classes are held
5:30-6:30 PM

Classes run year-round
No special equipment

Winona Family YMCA
201 Winona Street
(507) 454-1520

Japan Karate-Do
Genbu-Kai of Minnesota
1164 West 10th Street

The goal of the YMCA
Karate-Do program is to build
character through positive role models and training which emphasizes the values of traditional Japanese martial arts: respect, courtesy,
self-discipline, responsibility, respect for authority and hard work. In Karate, each child works at his or her own pace. All students participate, not just those who are the best or most talented. As students
advance and become more
experienced they are expected to be good role models and help newer students learn.

Winona Family YMCA
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