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at U.S. Nationals for several years beginning in 1981. "I'm the reason the rules were changed to prevent competing in two different divisions," she says with a laugh. In 1982, she petitioned to enter the Senior
Division as well as the Open Division. "I entered 6 events and won 5. The next year they changed the rule to prevent you from competing in both divisions."  Ms. Long has had a distinguished career as a coach, as well. She coached the U.S. Junior National Team at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in 1990, and was an assistant coach for the U.S. Team at the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.
She has taught Karate-Do in Costa Mesa, CA for 21 years. In addition to teaching Karate-Do, she works as a graphic designer. Among many other projects, she has designed many  T-shirts and sweatshirts for
Shihan Demura. Looking back on her outstanding career as a competitor, coach and instructor, she
reflects, "The most important thing, no matter what obstacles you face, is to simply keep training."  The Genbu-Kai is fortunate to have the benefit of Jackie Long's dedication, leadership and experience. 

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