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as "a walking encyclopedia of Bu-Do". He is considered to be one of the outstanding
Japanese martial artists of the post World War II era.  He was one of only seven students to receive his Shihan, or master teacher certification, from Master Mabuni. He founded the Itosu-Kai in 1952. At the time of Master Sakagami's death in 1993, Shihan Demura stated:

" We must continue to improve our dedication and strengthen our focus in
Karate-Do and build a stronger organization. In so doing we will give back to Master
Sakagami the values and ideals he dedicated his life to and passed on to each of us. His spirit will continue to live on in each of us forever."

Following Master Sakagami's death, the Itosu-Kai has been administered in Japan by his son. As Shihan Demura explained to us in his letter recently, he has committed himself to following the values of integrity, character and strength in karate-do as established by his Sensei,
Ryushu Sakagami. Shihan Demura feels he can best continue to promote these
values and pass them along to his students by continuing growth in a new direction - 
leading to the creation of the Genbu-Kai, affiliated with the Shubu-Kai under Master Shigeru
Sawabe in Japan. As Shihan Demura has progressed from All-Japan Champion and one of Japan's best known karate-ka to one of the world's leading Karate-Do Sensei, he has
continued to grow. Demura-Ha Shito-Ryu represents a developed form of the Shito-Ryu
Tradition. Demura-Ha Shito-Ryu joins the Shito-Kai (headed by Master Mabuni's son, Kanei), Orthodox Mabuni Shito-Ryu (headed by Master Mabuni's son, Kenzo), the Itosu-Kai,
Hayashi-Ha, Tani-Ha, The Seiko-Kai and Motobu-Ha as one of the major
established forms of Shito-Ryu Karate-Do. Shihan Demura continues the long tradition of the Master as custodian of the Ryu,  preserving and passing the Ryu
from generation to generation.

What all this means to us?
We belong to the Genbu-Kai - an organization which practices Demura-Ha Shito-Ryu
a distinct line of the Shito - style of karate-do founded by Master Mabuni,
led by Shihan Demura. 

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