Participants line up for kata training with Shihan Demura

This years seminars and tournament in Pittsburg, Kansas marked 25 years of Karate-Do for the Kansas Genbu-Kai organization.  Fritz Speck, Bob Pflughoeft, Richmond McCluer, Nathan Pflughoeft, Max Pflughoeft, Lane Robeson, Valerie Robeson, Walker Robeson, Tucker Robeson, Dan Picha, Scott Picha, Grant Gehlhaart, John Walsh III,
Regina Walsh and Nick Duchateau made the long trip to participate in the events.  This year was Kansas's biggest event ever - 120 tournament entries, and over 200 people  for the awards banquet.
Genbu-Kai Yudansha in attendance were:
Dean Heinitz (KS), James Otter (KS), Bryan Crismas (KS), Greg Bradney (KS), Mike Wahl (KS),
Richard Denton (KS), Junichi Sugiero (KS/TX), Andy Ford (KS), Jim Coon (PA), Keith Moore (NY),
David Jones (NC), Jackie Long (CA), Denise Nguyen (CA), Debi Bain (CA), Steve Matthews (MO),
Howard Smith (MO), Todd Cooper (OK), Fritz Speck (MN), Richmond McCluer (MN), Bob Pflughoeft (MN).
In addition, John Goertz and Michael Amick of Shorin-Ryu - Wichita attended
the tournament and assisted with officiating.

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