What is the connection between Karate-Do, Tibet, and sponsoring a young boy at Tibetan Homes who needs our help?

The answer lies in Karate-Do as a Bu-Do art. The Japanese word Bu Do consists of two characters, or kanji. The common translation of Bu is "martial", with Bu-Do translating as "martial way". The original components of the
character for Bu, however, have a more literal meaning of "to stop clashing weapons". Bu can also be variously translated as "valorous action", courageous
living", or "commitment to justice".
These  translations give more depth to the meaning of our
practice of Karate-Do.

The physical aspect of Bu-Do is not the only aspect. Ultimately, any Bu-Do art is more than
simply practical, effective
physical techniques.
These arts are "Ways" in the sense that they are disciplines intended to further the formation of a balanced and mature person.

So we recite a Dojo Kun. We talk about values.  We say that
Karate-Do builds character,
and responsibility.

How we respond to injustice and to those in need not only defines us as people and karate-ka - in responding we continue to grow and learn. We continue our
journey on a Bu-Do path that,
ultimately, has nothing to do with physical technique.


Above - Tashi
Right - Dr. Maykut reads a letter from Minnesota to Tashi
Below Right - Tashi's school report for 2001

Dear Minnesota Karate Group:
Gonpo Tashi's annual report for 2001 shows hell has been in good health and has passed his final exam for promotion to
Class III.  Gonpo had a great year with the busy school session and life at home. He is a very sweet and a friendly natured boy who gets along well with all. He feels very happy at his home with his elder sister looking after him. He has made a lot of new friends and during his free time plays with them. There are 29 children in his home and recently there were 5 new arrival children at their home. It reminded him of the time when he came new to this home. Gonpo introduced them to their new home and new home parents.
Gonpo attended school regularly. The happiest moment of the year for him was the visit of H.H. Sakya Trizin who visited THF during the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Enthronement and 50th Anniversary of Assumption of State Responsibilities of H.H. The Dalai Lama.
During the two month winter vacation Gonpo remained here at the home and took part in
activities including a drawing class.  Your love and support has meant lots to him as you see

a great smile of joy on his face when he hears from you. He always treasures
photographs of his sponsors and feels proud to show them to his friends.
We pray that your blessing hand be with him throughout. I sincerely thank you for your generous support on behalf of Gonpo.

Kalsaang Namgyal
Membership Secretary
Tibetan Homes School

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