John Walsh III
3rd Place Junior Advanced Kata

Fritz Speck
3rd Place Black Belt Kumite

Walker Robeson
2nd Place Junior Kata
1st Place Junior Beginner Kobu-Do

Nathan Pflughoeft
2nd Place - Junior Intermediate Kata

The Kansas participation was very strong - if we hope to have a chance to win the Kansas / Minnesota
Traveling Trophy we need very strong participation at our July event - and that means start
preparing now - because the
Kansas folks are!

Scott Picha
3rd Place - Advanced Team Kata
2nd place - Junior Advanced Kata
2nd Place - Junior Advanced Kumite
2nd Place - Junior Advanced Kobu-Do

Grant Gehlhaart
3rd Place - Junior Advanced Team Kata
1st Place - Junior Advanced Kata
1st Place -  Junior Advanced Kumite

Dan Picha
3rd Place - 40 / Over Blk/Brn Kata
2nd Place - 40/Over Blk/Brn Kumite

Nick Duchateau
3rd Place - Adult Advanced Kobu-Do
3rd Place - Adult Open Kobu-Do
1st Place - Kobu-Do Kumite
1st Place Brown Belt Kata
2nd Place - Brown Belt Kumite

Tucker Robeson
3rd Place Intermediate Team Kata
2nd Place  Junior Intermediate Kata
2nd Place Junior Intermediate Kumite

Nick Duchateau receives scores in kata competition