Donald Stephens of Kansas joins Seth and Adam in the
finals of Brown Belt Kumite; shown with officials

Kirk says, "Next time I'm not going easy on you guys!"

After two days of competition, the results were:

Kobudo Kata 3rd
Kobudo Kumite 2nd
Men's Brown Belt Kumite 1st

Kobudo Kumite 3rd
Men's Brown Belt Kata 3rd
Men's Brown Belt Kumite 3rd

Gail's medal count was
hampered by the fact that she was in Key West, FL and not at the tournament , but her name did make an appearance at the
tournament. During one of Cassie Stuckey's matches in women's brown belt kumite, an unidentified spectator shouted (twice) "C'mon Cassie - she's
fighting just like Gail - you can beat her!"

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