During August, Midwest Itosu-Kai members visited Orlando, FL for a Tai Kai. David Jones, Jim Otter, Bryan Crismas, Mike Wahl, Richard Denton and Cassie Stuckey did well in competition, with Cassie and Richard taking 1st and 2nd in their
division in kata.

Gail Johnson traveled to California to train at the Honbu Dojo for two weeks during August.

The end of August was also time for the annual Minnesota Itosu-Kai picnic at Mr. McCluer's home, with chicken, corn and games. A special guest this year was Winona State Club student Rick Walsh, who was in town on his way to begin training as a Naval Aviator.

Early in the fall Minnesota instructors and students traveled to Valley Center, Kansas to train with
Shihan Demura at the event hosted by Dean Heinitz. This was the 10th Anniversary of the
Valley Center group.