Sunday, December 23, 2001

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!  This year I am feeling the loss of our Mom.  Each year we would revolve around Margaret Price in Winona, Minnesota.  She was our center.  Now we need to find a new ways to stay in touch and close as a
family.  Our bond is stronger now after our experience nursing Mom in the day's prier to her death. This was her last lesson for to share with us.  Mom is looking after us.  I have no doubt of this.  Her unconditional love and lack of judgment is her legacy.

We have had 3  new babies arrive this year!  Business growing, business changing hands in Houston.  What a new step for us all to witness Mike entering a new phase in life kayaking and fishing and chasing grand children around!

My stepdaughter Ela called a month ago and said that it is time that she stays in Sydney with her friends and has Christmas in her home.  We will miss Ela this year but another step is taken.  I enjoyed walking around Sydney for two days in June on my way home from America.  It was a new experience for me to stay in my daughter's home as a guest. 

Raf and Jess are continuing with their training.  During the university break Jesse is working on building sites with me and my building partner, Ian.  He will be multi skilled.  Jesse even has a tool belt and tape measure!  I enjoy having Jess with us on site.

Mary-Jo and I look forward to visits from family and friends.  Steve and Mari-Beth an arriving in February.  We want to share at swim at the dog beach with the neighbors, a coffee at Papa's on the Cappuccino strip, and the big tree wild ocean country of the south coast. 

This will be the year of the boat!  I remember times not long ago when I could not even consider such a concept.  We had children to educate and feed and cars to pay for and business expenses to deal with.  Now I can see us managing a boat of our own.  It will wonderful to share the enthusiasm and fun Mary-Jo and I have for the sea and with our friends and family.  Come for a snorkel at Carnac Island and swim with a friendly seal. 

The photo of the flowers was taken while walking on the beach near Margaret River with our friends Skip and Anne Groman.  It is a good representation of the color in our coastal heath land in the spring. 

Let's al take good care of each other and of our selves so we can continue to enjoy family, friendship and nature for many years to come. Have a safe and loving New Year!  Work hard and play hard and plan a trip to Western Australia!