Many students tested before Shihan Demura during his visit. Below are test results. Remember that Karate-Do is a life-long journey, and testing and rank are merely markers along the road. If you are promoted to brown belt, for example, it means you finally became a good green belt, and you are ready to try to grow into a good brown belt.


Dojo Juniors

Max Pflughoeft         9th Kyu 
Ryan Heinlein           9th Kyu
Kendra Hengel         8th Kyu
Braxton Hengel        8th Kyu
Walker Robeson      6th Kyu
Bryan Richter           6th Kyu
Tucker Robeson      5th Kyu
Nathan Pflughoeft    5th Kyu
Robert Brako            2nd Kyu
Andy Paulson           2nd Kyu
Amanda Poulin         1st Kyu
Brian Picha               Sho Dan Ho
Scott Picha               Sho Dan Ho
Grant Gehlhart          Sho Dan Ho
Shubham Debnath   Sho Dan
John Walsh III           Sho Dan

Dojo Adults

Greg Zimmerman    8th Kyu
Ray Gunawidjaja     8th Kyu
Guy Stehly                5th Kyu
Tom Lee                   3rd Kyu
Richard Schreiber   3rd Kyu
Adam Johnson        2nd Kyu
Seth Johnson          2nd Kyu
Nick Duchateau      2nd Kyu
Dan Picha               1st Kyu

WSU Club

Yukiko Suzuki       6th Kyu
Richard Odeen     5th Kyu
Mark Berger          5th Kyu
Chris Marg            5th Kyu
Nick Duellman      4th Kyu
Dana Shearer       4th Kyu


Spencer Evenson  9th Kyu
Brady Adams         9th Kyu
Alex Buswell          9th Kyu
Lester Mlinar          8th Kyu
Cody Evenson       6th Kyu

Above - Instructors assist
at Karate-Do seminars
left: Richard Denton with
Nathan Pflughoeft
center: Denise Nguyen with
Kendra Hengel
right: Dave Evenson with
Bryan Richter

left: Kobu-Do seminar participants