One sees great things from the valley, only small things from the peak.  G. K. Chesterson

If you take up mountain climbing, what probably inspires you is the grand and massive beauty of the mountains. When you actually start
climbing, however, you discover that climbing requires patience. Your attention is focused on each step, each move. You must learn the
essential elements of climbing technique. Both Karate-Do and Zen are the same. We may take up  Karate-Do in search of physical mastery; we may take up Zen in searc patience. They also call on us to enjoy each step of  the journey.

At night, deep in the mountains
I sit in meditation
The affairs of men never reach here
Everything is quiet and empty,
All the incense has been swallowed up
by the endless night.

My robe has become a garment of dew.
Unable to sleep
I walk out into the woods
Suddenly, above the highest peak,
the full moon appears.


While the exact origin of the katana and the Japanese sword arts is subject to some debate, this historical