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Each February, Genbu-Kai and Rengo-Kai members from around the world travel to the Honbu Dojo in Southern California's Orange County for a
weekend of special events directed by Demura Sensei.

The 2003 schedule:

  • Thursday, February 20
Black Belt Advanced Kata Seminar and Dinner / Meeting

  • February 21
Mochitsuki / Rice Pounding
Dan Testing
Black Belt Referee Seminar
Kyu Grade Kata Seminars
Batto-Do Seminars
Welcome Party for Visiting Students

  • Saturday, February 22
Kobu-Do Competition
Batto-Do Tai Kai
Karate-Do Seminar with Master Iwabuchi

  • Sunday, February 23
32nd Annual International Karate-Do Championships

Tournament demonstrations - Ueki Sensei, above, and Sensei George Alexander, below, demonstrating
Hakutsuru kata
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